Steve Carter

“Fitness is motion, motion is life!”

Steve and his wife Selina co-founded Drive 365 fitness and health together with the mission of blending  mental and physical wellness into everyday life.  That you can make lifestyle changes without addressing.

In 2005, Steve Carter co-founded Drive 365 fitness & Health, after returning to Canada from Europe where he played professional football for 3 years.  Steve and his wife Selina created Drive 365 fitness and health together with the mission of blending mental and physical wellness into everyday life.  Steve played collegiate football and was a member of the Junior National Track and Field team.

Through his life and education Steve learned the importance of conditioning, nutrition, and balance when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.  Through his experience on the field, in the class room, being a professional strength coach to football teams, and over 20 years of personal training is confident in Drive 365 fitness program design and philosophies.

Steve’s experience working with executive training has given him a unique understanding the time and health challenges busy professionals face when it comes to balancing personal, professional, and leisure priorities.

He has helped hundreds of executive’s strike a balance within their unique circumstances to find a physical fitness regime that will improve their overall health; allowing them to feel better, have more energy, and reduce their risk of stress-related illnesses such as cardiac illness and chronic fatigue.

Being a Father of two young boys his new passion is to combat childhood obesity, and bring physical activity, play, and fun back into children’s lives.

  • A Kinesiology & Geography, York University
  • Certified Titleist Performance Institute Golf fitness instructor level 2
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Certified Youth & Adolescent Fitness Trainer